Melons get makeovers for breast cancer awareness

Blog / November 24, 2015

This month, unsuspecting grocery shoppers got a cheeky reminder to check their melons in the produce section.

Melon Stickers

Nesters Market partnered with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to create Don’t Forget To Check Week. From November 15 – 21, all 11 Nesters Market locations across British Columbia and Alberta gave their melons a makeover to remind women to check themselves for breast cancer.

Melon Stickers

Every cantaloupe, honeydew, and mini-watermelon was stickered with the cheeky reminder of “Have you checked yours?” and a link to the official site full of helpful breast cancer information and prevention tips.

The campaign was designed to remind people that regular self-checking can save lives – especially in young people who don’t undergo regular mammograms. In fact, 18% of all breast cancers are diagnosed in women under 50.

Melon Stickers Gif 2

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