Rethink wins Gold Agency of the Year, Gold Design & Silver Digital AOY.

Blog / October 31, 2019

Last night Strategy announced its gold, silver and bronze winners of the Agency Of The Year competitions. Rethink had a record breaking evening scoring a hat-trick. We are thrilled to hold the title of Gold Agency of the Year, Gold Design AOY and Silver Digital AOY. The wins come in Rethink’s 20th anniversary—even more cause for celebration!

The judging was based on the following case studies from the past year. 

Agency of The Year:

IKEA Lamp Recycled

WestJet Flight Light

Raptors Republic Ka’Wine & Dine

Government of Ontario Rowan’s Law

A&W The Last Straws

Digital Agency of the Year:

IKEA Bedtime

A&W Beyond Meat

Greenpeace Straw Shaming

Design Agency of the Year:

Leaf Forward Pass The Bill

WestJet Rebrand

Ottawa Tourism Not Vanilla

In addition Rethink’s Pass The Bill campaign for Leaf forward was also named top ‘Design Campaign of the Year’. 

To mark this achievement Strategy honored Rethink with the front cover of their latest edition of Strategy Magazine.

Congratulations and a huge thank you to everyone involved!