Why writing a book is crazy and why we did it anyway.

Blog / January 28, 2020

Yes, it’s true. We wrote a book.

Why? Because we can. Being independent, we’re able to do all sorts of “crazy” things. And in this case, it means we can publish a book during our busiest year ever.    

For 20 years, we’ve been fiercely independent and we’ve developed a tool or two (or 55) along the way. Now we want to share with not only the creative industry, but industry in general. In ‘Rethink the Business of Creativity’ we explore the key processes that we use to consistently create great work that gets results, through a culture that prioritizes people, product and profit, in that order.

We live and breathe these tools every day—it’s how we’ve managed to be Canada’s most consistently awarded independent creative agency—and now we want to help more businesses rethink the way they do business.

Rethink the Business of Creativity is available in-store and online from Indigo or Amazon.ca (Canada) or Amazon.com (US) as well as bookstores across North America.