Kraft Dinner’s Candy KD is the cheesiest Valentine’s Day gift ever.

Blog / February 4, 2021

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the cheesiest holiday of the year, Kraft Dinner made a brand new flavour of mac and cheese. Together with Kraft, we launched Candy KD, a pink and sweet, candy flavoured macaroni and cheese.

We announced the new KD on social and asked Canadians to send us their best pick-up lines or love poems to sweet talk us into giving them some. We received thousands of messages, some sweet and some real steamy. Someone even wrote us a love song.

The idea got people around the world talking about Kraft’s macaroni and cheese. And while there were some intense debates over whether cheese and candy go together, there was no denying that Candy KD was, by far, the cheesiest Valentine’s Day gift ever.