Rethink ranks #1 Canadian Agency and #2 Independent Agency in the world at D&AD.

Blog / May 28, 2021

Awards season 2021 kicks off with a great start for Rethink as the D&AD and One Show results come in. 

Rethink ranked #2 Independent Agency and #1 Canadian Agency at this year’s D&AD awards with eight Wooden Pencils, the most the agency has been awarded to date. The points contributed means Rethink is ranked as the number one agency in Canada, second independent agency in the world and number 30 of all agencies globally on the D&AD ranking system. 

At this year’s One Show the agency accounts for more than one-quarter of Canada’s 89 finalists with 25 wins. This means that Rethink is tied ninth in the world at one of advertising’s most prestigious global awards shows. The final results will be announced in mid June. 

Multiple Kraft Heinz Ketchup campaigns made the D&AD podium. The Ketchup Puzzle received three Wood Pencils in Direct and Media categories. Heinz Pour Perfectly – a limited edition glass bottle with an updated label to guide people to the perfect pouring angle won two Wood Pencils in Retail and Tactical categories. Finally, Draw Ketchup received a Wooden Pencil in Packaging. 

Continuing the trend in Food and Beverage sectors Molson received a Wood Pencil in Experiential for the #MakeItCanadian campaign. 

And finally, IKEA’s Last Catalogue – A limited edition, hardcover version of the 2021 IKEA Catalogue was designed with as much care and attention to detail as everything that’s in it. It received a Wooden Pencil in the Magazine & Newspaper Design category. 

We couldn’t be more thrilled to see all the hard work paying off. Thanks to all of our contributing clients and partners for making 2021 an exciting year so far.