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Create and develop advertising ideas, with a focus on how they come to life through language.

“You need to love coming up with big, bold ideas, just as much as you love getting into the minutiae of language.”
– Junior Copywriter

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Art Direction

art direction



Create and develop advertising ideas, with a focus on how they come to life visually.

“I’m one of the ‘ideas people.’ I solve problems creatively and am in charge of all the visuals across campaigns.”
– Intermediate Art Director

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Graphic Design

graphic design



Utilize design tools to visually solve problems, and convey ideas to an audience.

“No matter how good the design is, if it’s not rooted in craft and strategy, you can’t sell it. You have to love your work.”
– Junior Designer

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Balance the business and creative sides of advertising to create the most effective campaigns.

“It’s like being a scientist — you make educated guesses, and do experiments to prove them.”
– Senior Strategist

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Production is where all the logistics and assets are developed – taking the concept from idea to reality.

“Without production, all the big ideas Creatives come up with are just big ideas. We make it happen.”
– Producer

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People & Culture



Create the most positive work environment possible, directly benefitting the business.

“I just love making people happy. A positive work environment is a healthy one.”
– Administrative Assistant

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How about with some good ol’ frequently asked questions:

+What does advertising even do???

We ask ourselves that too, sometimes. But that’s what keeps the job so interesting. It changes every day.

The official explanation is that advertising is the means of communication through which a product, brand, or service is promoted to an audience to drive awareness, interest, engagement, and sales.

The explanation we prefer is that we use creativity to get people to pay attention to stuff for our clients.

+Do I need to know someone to get into advertising?

Definitely not. Lots of us would describe our entry into the industry as “stumbling into it.” We can help you stumble in the right direction.

+What kind of classes should I take in school?

Great question! There are great ad schools out there if you’re looking for formalized, ad-specific training. Plus, classes like graphic design and communications never hurt. We recommend taking classes that interest you and motivate you. Pursue the hobbies and subjects you’re passionate about, and bring all that passion into your job later on.

Just ask any Copywriter who studied journalism. Or any Art Director who went to Fashion school. Or any Account Manager who built their people skills in a bar. Or any Strategist who studied anthropology.

+Can I switch careers into advertising?

Of course you can! In fact, a lot of us have first careers that weren’t quite the right fit, and we just brought those skills and experience into this one.

+What if I’m new to Canada?

Welcome! Bienvenue ! Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to hear more about the nitty-gritty of Canadian advertising, or a total newbie curious about the industry, we’re happy to put you in touch with someone who can offer some helpful advice.