Brad Kumar


Over a quarter of a century of studio experience has bolstered Brad’s deep appreciation of craftsmanship. He has worked his way up in studios across the city of Toronto, including Ogilvy & Mather, TAXI, and Lowe Roche. In 2012, Brad built a studio from scratch at Red Urban (DDB), which successfully grew to manage national print and digital business for all clients. His proactive approach of constantly adapting a studio’s services to meet the demands of a changing world brings a strong, dependable, flexible, and digital-friendly offering to our clients.

 Brad takes bizarre pleasure in walking the tightrope of balancing efficiency and adaptability. Fancy words that mean he loves figuring out how to do the best possible work within challenging constraints. MacGyver? James Bond? Canadian Ninja? I mean, sure, your words.

 Brad spent his youth earning an honours diploma in fine art, while also wearing acid-wash jeans and bandanas. So, he spent the rest of his life trying to disprove the notion that having taste in art apparently doesn’t make you a fashionista. After earning another Design diploma, and spending decades dancing through all the cool clubs in Toronto with extremely wide pants, we all know how well he proved his point.