Sara Lemmermeyer


Before Sara went back to school to do her post grad in account management, she had no idea what an account manager did. When she became an account manager, she realized that, aside from people who work in advertising, nobody knows what an account manager does. To try and get a better understanding of what people think an account manager does, she posed the following question in a group chat to her mother, father and brother– “What do you think i do for work?”

Mom: You work at a cool office. With stand-up desks. You send a lot of emails.

Brother: You talk about beer clients. And airline clients. Can you get me some free beer?

Dad: You’re some kind of middle man who facilitates things but I’m not really sure what. Advertisements. I think.

Mom: I think you learn new words in your line of work cause you asked me for feedback on your hair colour. Is that some fancy work term you picked up? Anyways your hair colour is weird.

Dad: Do you do accounting work? You always hated math.

Brother: You always brag about the ads your company makes, but when I ask what you did in them, it sounds like you didn’t do much.