David Greisman


It’s been said that David peaked in grade 6. At that time, he had an earring, his hair was (temporarily) dyed purple and he owned a long sleeve Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt – although he’d never heard their music. It was that same year that he saw the Got Milk “Aaron Burr” ad and his transformation from wannabe cool kid to grown up ad nerd began. 

David began his time as an advertising Account person working in the Automotive category and has since worked on countless national campaigns for Banking, Charitable, and Telco brands. He frequently finds himself featured in the ads his agency produces because that 12-year-old who dyed his hair for attention is still part of who he is.

He joined Rethink Toronto in 2020 and believes his peak still lays ahead of him – but this time around he’ll be sporting Costco-chic fashion and a bald spot.