Julian Morgan


Julian doesn’t like talking about himself so he asked others for their thoughts about him. These are their real, absolutely not fake responses:

“He’s worked in advertising for seven or eight years I think, and he won’t shut up about music.” Stacy Ross

“Definitely knows way more about art than I do.” John Ricciardella

“His voice is awesome – a sultry seductress.” Becky May

“His strategy turned my life around.” Robert Downey Jr.

“He puts his heart and soul into karaoke.” Gabby Elliot

“He puts his heart and soul into karaoke.” Skye Dee

“I put my heart and soul into karaoke.” Justin Santelli

“Strategically strategic!” Aaron Starkman

“I’m scared he’s going to replace me.” Sean McDonald

“I wrote this because I needed the money.” Tyler Copoc

“I idolize him.” Jimmy Buffett

“One day, his biopic will blow the world away.” Kyle Simons

“Meh.” Zachary Bautista