Katherine Ly


Since Katherine always struggles with writing her own bios, in true account-fashion, she briefed in a creative friend to write her bio for her. So here it goes.

Young Katherine went off to London to truly learn about the world, but wait—no, not that London with crumpets and tea, and the Queen… London, Ontario at Western University to study MIT (clearly not the MIT in Cambridge either). She studied Media, Information, and Technoculture (a word that the faculty basically made up), but it wasn’t until she went to Humber College for her post-grad in Advertising Account Management that things finally resonated with her. From there, her path became more like a yellow brick road where she first started her adventure at Camp Jefferson, working on accounts like Koodo, Porsche, and Pathways to Education. It wasn’t until almost two years later that she found her Oz at this very place called Rethink.

When Katherine isn’t busy “organizing client meetings” (this is how her brother understood her job), she juggles the life of a foodie, giving honest reviews of various restaurants and cuisines while incorporating pop culture and puns into her captions. You can also find her doing face masks every Sunday and keeping up with her skincare routine.