Katie Colhoun


Katie was inspired to work in advertising after watching What Women Want in the cinema in (gulp) elementary school. Watching it now, she is very aware it has not aged well.

She may have taken a roundabout way of getting there, but likes to think starting her career in tech, schmoozing clients in business development and surviving a few years in account management has made her into the keen producer she is today. Her proudest moment was having her brother share the Honda Type-R ‘The Other Side’ project with her that he didn’t know she worked on. Her not-so-proudest moment was asking a runner to go get her kombucha during an edit. He still hasn’t come back.

Katie moved to Vancouver and joined Rethink in January 2021 having spent the better part a decade living and working in London. She hopes for some British slang to catch on in the office. Right now she is campaigning for “faff”.