Kelly Seo


Kelly was born and raised in South Korea. Having completed a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, she worked in the engineering field for two years before moving to Canada. As an immigrant facing the challenges of adjusting to a new environment, she decided to work for a Korean-Canadian company, and specialized in helping international students for three years.

Soon after having a child, Kelly devoted herself to raising and supporting her family. After being a supermom for six years, she went back to school to pursue a career in numbers, which she felt most confident about. As it turns out, her math skills made accounting a natural fit for her. Now, she is part of the Rethink Accounting team, and loves crunching numbers.

In her spare time, Kelly enjoys spending quality time with her family outdoors. She enjoys swimming, yoga and singing while doing housework. Her favourite food is of course, spicy Korean, as everything else seems bland to her.