Pranav Sabharwal


Pranav is a copywriter at Rethink. But to date, for some reason unknown, his parents think he’s a ‘content writer’. Mr. and Mrs. Sabharwal, if you’re reading this, it’s about time you stop making a grown creative cry. 

Pranav holds a degree in Bachelors of Commerce from the University of Delhi and a diploma in Creative Advertising from Seneca College. He was motivated all along to pursue advertising courtesy of Arithmophobia. 

Before joining Rethink, Pranav was at No Fixed Address Inc. where he found his creative partner Mwangi Gathecha. They’ve been together ever since. While at No Fixed Address Inc., Pranav worked on a side project with his friends residing in different corners of the world. The spec project for Pantone aimed at tackling racism and received a Communication Arts award and an International Creativity award. 

Pranav finds joy in reading and meditating…a lot. He recommends reading the Power of Now to a degree that irks people. You should too. Now.