Zachary Bautista


Zach is an Art Director.

He is allergic to blue cheese and decorative script fonts.

Zach doesn’t know how to do his taxes but he can tell you what typeface they used on the application. He spends most of his money on sports memorabilia. He spends most of his time making money to afford sports memorabilia.

Prior to Rethink he was at lg2 working on insurance brands. Prior to that he was at Grip working on car brands. Prior to that he was a janitor working on himself. Dreams do come true.

Zach’s work has been recognized by Cannes, D&AD, The Art Director’s Club, and receives a phone call from his parents every time they see a commercial he’s made.

He has a 4.8 Uber rating and is too polite to ask for the AUX cord.