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How A&W became Canada’s best-tasting burger.

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In 2013, the quick-service industry was flat at best. A&W knew they needed to disrupt the market and differentiate in order to succeed. Rethink’s challenge was to reach a younger demographic with a new strategy focusing on the better quality of A&W’s ingredients.

Guests come to A&W for a lot of reasons, but at the core are the burgers. So we started our better ingredients initiative by making our burgers better, using beef raised without the use of hormones or steroids.

We took to the streets to share our Better Ingredients story with Canadians.

Not only did Canadians love the taste, but they were even more impressed with the news regarding beef quality.

Full in-store and online support made it hard to miss that A&W was different from the competition.

We’ve continued this strategy through the introduction of better ingredients across the A&W menu.

The results of the campaign have exceeded all expectations.



Same-store sales growth in 2014



Voted best
customer satisfaction



Voted best-quality beef*



Voted best-tasting burger in Canada*

* Source: QRI International, 2014