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New PSA illustrates the gender pay gap

We worked with the American Association of University Women (AAUW) on a PSA that flips the U.S. Treasury’s #TheNew10 campaign on its head. With one goal: to powerfully illustrate the persistent gender pay gap in America. 

This #TheNew10 submission doesn’t just stop at a suggestion for a new female portrait in place of Alexander Hamilton but also changes the bill’s denomination to reflect the startling statistic that women are still paid only 78% of what their male counterparts are paid.

The artist also illustrates how the pay gap is even worse for women of color, with African American women and Latinas being paid just 64% and 54%, respectively, of what their white male counterparts are paid.

Ironically the Treasury’s initiative is meant to celebrate 100 years of equal rights in America but AAUW wanted to show the disparity and encourage citizens to take action and to visit to take actionable steps toward meaningful — not just symbolic — change.