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Work / Heinz Ketchup / 2020 / Digital + Social

Every award season, a few of Hollywood’s greats get snubbed, and nobody understands that feeling more than Heinz Ketchup. The red condiment has appeared in hundreds of Hollywood classics, yet never received any recognition.

So, just days before the biggest award show, Heinz created its own IMDb page to officially get in the credits of all the movies they’ve been in over the years. But IMDb shut the page down.

To take action, Heinz launched a video calling on all Canadians to help prove its credibility as an actor, by sharing their favourite movie featuring Heinz Ketchup on the brand’s social posts. The first 1,000 Canadians to participate received a free bottle of Heinz Ketchup. The responses were so overwhelming that Heinz decided to double the giveaway.