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Heinz Vintage Drip

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These days, everyone from pop singers to fast food chains has their own branded clothing line. But as an industry leader in staining, Heinz has been leaving their mark on fashion’s most iconic brands for years. Now they’re making it official with the Heinz Vintage Drip collection: thrifted clothes from luxe and streetwear brands, all with Heinz ketchup stains.

Heinz partnered with online thrifting platform thredUP to curate a limited-edition collection of 157, one-of-a-kind clothing items from the biggest brands in fashion. Getting more life out of used clothes, and turning Heinz-stained clothes into a fashion statement.

The campaign launches in the weeks leading up to New York Fashion Week, as partnering influencers incorporate Heinz stains into their newest looks. 

 All proceeds from the collection go to Rise Against Hunger in support of global hunger relief.