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IKEA Coffee Table Catalogue

Work / IKEA / 2020 / Design

This year, with Canadians spending so much time at home, IKEA wanted to do something to help make their environments just a little more beautiful. So, we started with the thing people turn to first to improve them-the IKEA Catalogue. 

We created the Coffee Table Catalogue. A limited edition, hardcover version of the 2021 IKEA Catalogue, designed with as much care and attention to detail as everything that’s in it. 

The redesign made the catalogue 30% bigger and incorporated hardcovers to survive a year of browsing, multiple ribbons to prevent dog-earing, soft-touch pages to help consumers imagine the textiles, high-gloss spot finishes to bring glass features to life, and, of course, it was packaged in it’s very own flatpack. 

Because shouldn’t the thing that helps make our homes more beautiful, actually make them more beautiful?