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Interligne’s last call to the Prime Minister

Work / Interligne / 2023 / Print/Outdoor

Due to a funding renewal that has yet to be recognized by the government of Quebec, Interligne, the intervention organization for sexual diversity and gender plurality, and Rethink have introduced Renvoi d’appels. A campaign that aims to forward all those calls for which Interligne has received no response.

Renvoi d’appels encourages the people of Quebec to leave a message on the Prime Minister’s voicemail to make him understand how essential the nightly helpline is for the LGBTQ+ community. A support service that receives 10,000 calls a year and risks being shut down on March 31st.

The offensive consists of posters displayed in various restaurants and bars in Montreal’s Village, in digital placements as well as in 15 and 30 second radio ads.