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Reigniting the passion for one of Canada’s most iconic brands.

Work / Molson Canadian / 2015 / Experiential

For more than 50 years, Molson Canadian had been one of this country’s most dominant beer brands. But over the last 10 years, the entire beer category has seen a long-term trend of decline.

The challenge was to take Canada’s namesake beer and put it back on the map – in a big way. So we created an interactive beer fridge and took it around the world.

Molson constantly fields requests from Canadians coast to coast wanting the Beer Fridge in their homes, their cottages and at their events. Requests have come from Ireland, L.A., Nashville and Belgium. The Canadian Embassy in Paris asked

for it, our Ambassador in Washington wanted it for Canada Day celebrations. This is exactly the cultural impact we hoped to achieve and a sign the campaign has tapped into powerful emotions in Canadians, no matter where they are.

A key to the brand’s success has been igniting patriotism within all channels.


The campaign has generated $160 million in PR value globally, over $50 million of that in Canada – three times the brand’s media budget. Molson Canadian has shown significant growth, defying long-term category decline. The Beer Fridge has become a powerful Canadian icon that will continue to engage and inspire beer drinkers everywhere.



million in PR value globally



million in PR value in Canada