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The Next PHILLY Angel

Work / PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese / 2020 / Video

After 25 years, it’s time to pass on the wings. 

PHILLY wanted to reignite the love people had for the brand as more than just a product. As a brand whose purpose is all about spreading a little joy (and not just with cream cheese), bringing back something Canadians loved in the 90’s– the iconic PHILLY Angel Linda Cash, was just one way for us to walk the walk and spread some joy.

We started 2020 by inviting Canadians to audition to be the next PHILLY Angel. With the iconic ‘90s Angel Linda, we sent out an open casting call and hundreds of auditions came back from across Canada.

And while it was hard to choose from so many amazing angel candidates, we found Humberly. 

Before hanging up her halo for good, Linda will train Humberly on what it takes to be an angel, sharing inside tips on wing maintenance, the perfect PHILLY-to-bagel ratio, and of course, the correct pronunciation of bagel.