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Taste of Heaven

Work / PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese / 2022 / Video

There’s nothing like Philly cream cheese on a bagel to make your morning heavenly. So, we wanted to bring that otherworldly feeling to life in rich, vivid detail.

Philly Heaven has been around since the 90s, but it’s always just been a place for angels and their manservants. Mortals have never been invited, until now.

Leaving behind the cotton balls and practical elements of Philly Heavens’ past, we created an epic, modernized world above the clouds, complete with bagel planets and cream cheese mountains.

To create the Philly Heaven of the future, we used technology of the future – a massive LED wall background, the same tech used to create the universes of the Mandalorian and Star Trek. Check out the BTS video created by our partners at Alter Ego and Pixomondo.