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Hockey For All

Work / Scotiabank / 2021 / Video

Canada is the most diverse country in the world. But our national game? Not so much. As one of hockey’s biggest sponsors, Scotiabank wanted to change that.

Together we created “hockey for all”, a platform that tackles discrimination in hockey head-on while celebrating the diversity that exists within the game.  

The campaign launched on opening night of the NHL season with a film that juxtaposed the real, hurtful words, comments and insults experienced by hockey players like PK Subban and Jayna Hefford, with their extraordinary achievements.

We worked with acclaimed New York Times photojournalist Roy Baizan to capture real moments showcasing diversity in hockey and used them to take over arenas across the country. 

More than just an ad campaign, the initiative commits over $2 million in funding towards organizations working to make hockey more diverse and inclusive.