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First Day

Work / Scotiabank / 2022 / Video

There’s no advice as helpful as the kind you could have given yourself on your first day in Canada. 

To support Scotiabank’s StartRight program for newcomers, we launched “First Day,” a campaign that captures real financial and life advice that immigrant Canadians would give themselves if they could go back to their first day in Canada.

We worked with a diverse team of creatives, directors, and editors who personally connected with the new Canadian story. 

The spot has many hidden details that pay homage to immigration stories of the people that worked on this campaign — including real photos and personal items like the exact sweater the lead actor wore on the plane the first time he came to Canada.

From digital ads, to billboards and bus ads, we talked to– not at– Canadians to highlight the advice they wished they’d received about life and banking in this country. We made their anecdotes the heart of our campaign.