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Shaw Tree Spree

Work / Shaw / 2021 / Digital + Social

To celebrate Earth Month, Shaw challenged a group of pro gamers to plant as many trees in-game as possible in one hour during their livestream on Twitch. For every tree they planted in the virtual-world, Shaw would plant one in the real world, one-for-one. 

Thousands of trees were planted by pro gamers during the livestream event. Shaw then opened up the opportunity for all gamers to help the planet. People could post a screenshot of their in-game tree on social and Shaw would plant a tree in real life for them, too. The initiative ran through from Earth Day to the end of Earth Month and resulted in a total of over 9,000 trees planted by gamers across the country.

The electricity use of gaming devices themselves, is estimated to use 34 terawatt-hours of energy each year, or the equivalent of 5 million cars. Over the years, Shaw has partnered with Tree Canada to plant over 14,000 in order to offset carbon emissions, and by working with the gaming community they’re able to do even more.