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The Keg 50th

Work / The Keg Steakhouse + Bar / 2022 / Video

Since 1971, The Keg has been synonymous with celebration. Whether it’s a birthday, date night, or a solo afterwork drink, The Keg has always been there to rise to the occasion.

Now The Keg brought these occasions to life in a TV spot for their 50th anniversary. The spot shows a father and daughter dining at The Keg over the decades, as she ages from a child to a college graduate, and eventually becomes a mother.

The spot was filmed by Scott Cudmore of Revolver Films in a continuous rotation around one table, using hidden cuts to jump ahead in time and create the look of one seamless shot. Special effects makeup artist Shaun Hunter aged up the performers with each cut, adding gray hairs and wrinkles to show the passing of time.

The anniversary campaign was rounded out by food photographers Suech and Beck, whose photo series highlights some classic dishes that have been brought back to The Keg’s menu for their 50th anniversary.