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WestJet Hightea

Work / WestJet / 2022 / Experiential

To promote WestJet’s expanded service to Canada, we took the time honoured British tradition of High Tea and gave it a Canadian twist. We partnered with a tea sommelier and created four signature blends of tea. Each tea captured the essence of a Canadian city West Jet flies to. Then we opened a tea shop in West London and invited locals in for a flight.


Each tea was named after a destination. 

Vancouver was delicate, beautiful and relaxing, all hallmarks of the laid-back, west coast vibe. Calgary had a rugged texture and nutty flavour, an ode to the adventurous spirit of the wild west. Toronto was bold, caffeinated and energizing, representing the hustle and bustle of Canada’s biggest city. And Halifax was smooth, savoury, and of course blue, paying homage to the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. 


Tasting notes: Floral with a hint of tart berry flavours

Ingredients: White tea, rosehip, hibiscus, cranberry, jasmine, rose, lavender



Tasting notes: Nutty and sweet

Ingredients: Roasted barley, Green tea, green rooibos tea, honeybush tea, stevia, vanilla



Tasting notes: Spiced

Ingredients: Black tea, cinnamon, ginger, apple, yerba mate, cardamom


Nova Scotia 

Tasting notes: Savoury, vegetal, earthy, aquatic

Ingredients: Green tea blend, butterfly pea flowers, stevia leaf, calendula

For the packaging, we took our design cues from 20,000 feet in the air. Each tea had a custom topographic illustration that matched the actual topography of the destination. Our custom typeface was a nod to the sophistication of British High Tea. The serif font reflected the elevated (no pun intended) quality of service offered on WestJet.